• System of Play

    There are 10 competing teams, in 2 sections of 5, with a round robin format , followed by knockout play.

    The top 2 teams in each section following the round robin qualify for the quarter-finals.

    If teams are tied following the round robin, ranking will be decided where possible on head-to-head results.

    If ranking cannot be determined from the above then the total distance of the best four pre-game LSD from 5 LSD will be used to determine ranking.

    Rules of Play

    The rules of play for the City of Perth Ladies International are the current rules of the World Curling Federation (WCF), including the current rules on brushing devices.

    The following modifications apply:

    • In the event of a dispute the decision of the Chief Umpire will be final.
    • All matches will be 8 ends.
    • In the event of a drawn game one extra end will be played.
    • If the game remains tied then one draw to the button by a nominated member of each team will determine a winner.
    • The team who had last stone at the extra end will deliver first.

    Pre-Game Practice and Last Stone Draw (LSD)

    Teams should be ready for practice ten minutes prior to game time.

    Teams will toss a coin. The winner of the coin toss has the choice between stone colour and 1st practice/LSD or choice of clockwise or counter clockwise rotation and 2nd practice/LSD.

    Practice will be one stone away from home end and one stone back followed by your LSD. Each team member must deliver a minimum of one LSD during the round robin.

    Stone Selection

    During the round robin, tiebreakers, quarters and semi-finals, stones from the specified sheets will be used.

    For the final game only, teams will be permitted to choose stones from any sheet.

    Actual stone numbers must be selected and given to the Chief Umpire at least thirty minutes prior to warm-ups. Stone handles will not be changed.


    The first placed teams from each section after round robin play will get the choice between hammer or stone colour in the play-offs. If both teams had the same placing then a draw to the button will be required as explained previously.

    Internet Broadcasting

    We are hoping that the event is going to be broadcast on the internet as regrettably there is no CCT broadcast facility this year.

  • Prize Structure

    • 1st £4,500• 2nd £2,500• 3rd-4th £1,250• 5th-6th £500

  • Entry fee

    £500 per team plus £20 to cover the CCT fee- Please send us your team biography and your approved team photo – COMPLETE/ UPLOAD YOUR ENTRY ONLINE HERE

  • Airport Transfer

    £30 per person return from Edinburgh airportRequest for transport to and from Edinburgh Airport – ONLINE FORM HERE

  • Sponsor

    Mercure Hotel – twin rooms at £76/room bed & breakfast

  • Social events

    • Traditional Scottish Welcome for Players and Sponsors