Perth Ladies Competition moves to new dates

The next City of Perth Ladies International will take place from Thursday  6th Dec to Sunday the 9th of December 2018.

A spokesperson for Perth Ladies CCT explained the reason for bringing the event forward in the calendar, “The event is still in its early years and has been attracting a high quality field, entries for the March 2018 were affected by both the Olympics and the Worlds. We hope that, by moving to early December, we can continue to enable the highest possible quality of field to take part.”

The Entry fee is £500 and the Prize Fund has been increased to £11900.

1st = £4500
2nd = £2500
3rd & 4th = £1250
5th to 8th = £600


Please send us your team details, biography and your approved team photo – COMPLETE/ UPLOAD YOUR ENTRY ONLINE HERE

A fee of £500 per team plus, £20 to cover the CCT fee, can be transferred directly to our account. You will provided with bank details when we confirm your entry to the competition.